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MUF Program Policy
MUF Policies for AnimeMUCK

  • All programs must be cleared with the MUF Wizard to avoid duplication of pre-existing programs.
  • No programs that will show the location or other information of other players or what is on them be it active or passive. (IE: No mirror programs that will allow you to see information about the person looking at you.) Scanners are programs that actively report information on items or players that is not voluntarily given. Scanners are also programs that searches the Database for things or information like Flags on db items.
  • Teleporting programs are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. If you are teleporting objects to other players, the program MUST have a flag that is defaulted as an Automatic NO if the flag is not set. Said program should only move OBJECTS only. If it moves players without permission, your MUCKER bit will be automatically stripped. (This does include if the player is set JUMP_OK.) Also, no personal Teleport programs that will allow you to go to rooms.
  • No spoofing programs that will allow another's player's name show up or without the proper notation of <, (, >, ), [ or ] around the message to prevent trouble.
  • No @wall like programs are allowed either in any shape or form or programs that override the Haven Bit on players. To do so is harrassment and it will not be tolerated.
  • No virus like programs either. To do that would be detrimental and cruel.

You may assume the following:

  • No one wants anything sent to them unless a certain flag/prop is set.
  • No one wants to be MOVED unless a certain properity is set saying they do.
  • No one wants to be found unless a certain property is set saying they do.
  • No one wants you to violate their privacy unless they say it is alright.
  • Failure to adhere to some of these rules could result in your De-MUCKERing and possibly lead to further punishments.