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MPI is for those people who have a phobia where MUF (Multi-User Forth) is concerned. Where MUF is stack-based, MPI is an interpreted language, which generally makes it a lot more readable, if slower to execute (think Java vs. C++). Using MPI, non-programmers can give their characters or their areas a surprising amount of flexibility and power. The implementation of MPI on AnimeMUCK provides approximately the same level of privilege as that of a level-1 M-bit (Mucker-bit). Still, while MPI is a reasonable tool, it does have its abuses and its usage is subject to all the MUCK's policies regarding privacy, abuse, and harassment.

The following is what is now required when creating an MPI program:

  • No MPI program may record or read information from the User without the user knowing said information is being read. Flags, DB#s and properties which are normally private, read-only, or wizard-only may NOT be read and recorded from a player to anything that does not belong to said player. MPI programs are to only read what the player WISHES to be read. Of course, you do not have to ask yourself permission to run a description MPI on yourself, but you are not allowed to access properties you could not normally see (for example).

  • No MPI program is to intercept and replay any information the user inputs without the user's knowledge. This means that no says or poses are to be intercepted by MPI and replayed or recorded without their knowledge. Logging programs and other 'spying' programs are absolutely not allowed!

  • Any major MPI project (covering a whole area, or a very dense program) should be discussed at least with the current MPI wizard. Again, MPI is slow compared to MUF. Extremely complex programs might be better off developed in MUF, if they turn out to run too slowly in MPI; likewise, an MPI program that covers a large area should be reviewed to ensure it does not have an adverse impact on the MUCK. We allow you discretion on personal projects as a sign of good will; none of us really enjoys the prospect of riding herd on every single program, and over the years we've seen some really great projects. With that in mind, very large programs that appear out of nowhere without advance notice are not appreciated.

  • Any items, rooms, or characters found running MPI programs that break any of the rules mentioned above face the loss of their builder's bit, @newpasswording of their character for a month, or both.