Rules & Registration
Rules & Registration
General Rules
Common Courtesy

    ADVISORY: AnimeMUCK strives to be in compliance with all federal and state laws regarding the obtaining of personal information from minors. If you are under the age of 13, we are not able to give you a character on AnimeMUCK.

  1. Log on to AnimeMUCK as a guest. Many of your questions about us are answerable through online help or our Guest Patrol staff.

  2. Hang out in the chat area (ABCB) for a while to see if you like us and we like you. No point in wasting everyone's time if we don't all get along.

  3. Use the 'FIND' or the 'USERLIST' command with the name of the character you wish to be known as. Be sure to check for alternative spellings, since some people still don't agree on the spelling of their names.

  4. Be sure you have a WORKING e-mail address. If you do not have one, try getting a public one at any of the many free email sites on the Web. The reason for the e-mail address, is to ensure that YOU can be contacted if you have failed to get online or be informed of where we may have gone. This is also to ensure security for your character. An invalid e-mail address will cause your automatic removal from the system.

  5. Please do not share either your character password OR your account e-mail address with other people. Not only does it degrade the security of your character (and so many other things), but it violates our one player per character policy, which is in place to ensure that people will be given a chance to get names they wish to have.

  6. What To Email
    Mail the following information to sizer [at]
    With subject heading: AnimeMUCK registration
    Include the following information in the body of the email:
    1. Real Name
    2. E-mail address
    3. Character Name (One word names ONLY, but you may use underscores, i.e., Saotome_Ranma. Use the name you used as a guest.)
    4. Password (Also ONE WORD ONLY)

              Real Name: Tentai Senshi Sunred
              Character Name: General_Vamp
              Password: asdf1234
    • All this information will be kept private and will not be used unless we need to contact you.

    • The Wizards reserve the right to deny your access to the MUCK if there is a sufficient reason to deny it.