General Rules
Rules & Registration
General Rules
Common Courtesy
  1. Have fun... But not at the expense of others. This place is for EVERYONE to enjoy, not just your personal playground to torment people. The Wizards of AnimeMUCK are just a few people who would like others to enjoy themselves here with little hassle or insult.

  2. Respect people's privacy. Please don't assume that a room is Link_OK or JUMP_OK is fair game to pop into... Please be sure to ask the people there if you can go in there. The ABCB Chat lounge (use 'chat' to get there) and the Game Lounge (use 'game' to get there) are public rooms for everyone to meet at when they want to.

  3. People who want Builder Bits (For Building) or Mucker Bits (For Programming) should read the building.policy or muf.policy in the info command before asking for one. We are unable to afford to give these bits out if you are unwilling to follow the policy, since it has caused some grief before.

  4. Puppets are allowed on AnimeMUCK, as long as simple rules concerning their use are followed and (ideally) you contact the staff first. The guidelines are simple: Puppets which a) impersonate other players, b) are used to obtain information or data not available to their owner, c) and/or are used to harass, annoy, or otherwise do actions forbidden to regular players are forbidden. Vehicles are currently enabled on AnimeMUCK but are not active. You may contact the wizard staff if you wish to attempt to create one.

  5. Please do not submit applications for more than one character. Once you have been a character on AnimeMUCK for a while, you have the opportunity to apply for an alternate character. (See the info on the MUCK for details.) Still, ask yourself first if you *really* need to have two characters to play with at once. The namespace on AnimeMUCK is finite, and if everyone takes two names and only uses one, that's a lot of wasted names.

  6. Threats towards any user on the system, whether they deserve it or not, will NOT be tolerated at all. If this is a threat delivered IC (In Character), please tag it accordingly. Be aware that, under state and federal law, threats of any kind towards a person are considered illegal. While some laws do not apply on the Internet, online threats are considered the same as threats sent by mail or by any other informational transfer medium. All computer sites in America and possibly all over the world will shut down their telnet services at their site if informed that someone has made anonymous threats to another user somewhere else. The Wizards of AnimeMUCK will send a letter requesting said offending site to please shut down their telnet service due to the anonymous threats being made from that site. While this may seem an inconvenience, it will prompt said site to inquire USERS of their activities, which will also be a major inconvience for you, and if found as the culprit, could result in the expulsion of your account and/or additional legal problems. Please consider the consequences of your actions before attempting this.

  7. Once you have your character on AnimeMUCK, you may not change your name without the approval of a wizard with the authority to change it for you. Right now, we can't afford having people switching names without clearing it first. There are some characters who are already on the system, and having two of them with variations of spelling will make things worse. If you are planning to change your name, please make sure it is available and it is alright to do so, since the person who creates the character needs to know if the character is available. It is recommended as well that if you PLAN on staying as that character, to not have name changes at all, since if you change your name, you lose your slot should a person ask for the character and the wizard cannot find the name. Once that has happened, you and the the person who took your name will have to work it out accordingly.

  8. NO SCANNERS - Scanners are things that get information about a player that is not normally available. (Such as E-mail, real names, connection sites, and other personal props that only get seen at certain times.) Anything that gets information that is not received from a public command or by the actual person is considered a violation of privacy of the player on this system.