Need help improving your MUCKing experience? Look no further--we've got some links here that will get you the software you need to make everything right with the (virtual) world.

MUCK Client Software

Many programs have appeared over the last decade to help MUCKers overcome the sheer, debilitating terror of raw telnet. We don't actually download them to you from our site, but we figure the least we can do is offer you some links to where you can, right? Right. So:

  • TinyFugue - The granddaddy. Developed by Ken Keys, this venerable client is a staple of Unix-using MUCKers everywhere. It provides many powerful features such as macros, visual mode (split input and typing windows), programming, and much more. It's great for MUDs as well as MUCKs.

  • MUSHclient - Also a popular choice among users of MU*, this client is developed for Windows users. (TinyFugue has a Windows version, but it requires some 'work' to set up properly.) MUSHclient has many features in common with TinyFugue, including user scripting for you programmers.

  • SimpleMU - Yet another recommended choice for Windows MU* users, SimpleMU provides features for many types of online players, including programming aids for people who work with MUSEs, MUSHes, and MOOs. (Have you gotten your acronym quota for the week yet?)

Plain Ol' Telnet Got You Down?

The telnet application that comes with Windows has improved as the versions have gone by, but it's still messy and inadequate, especially when the chatting is fast and furious. If you want a better telnet experience without the frills and whistles of a full-fledged MU* client, try one of these out!

  • SecureCRT - For the paranoid security-conscious user, SecureCRT allows you to not only have the great terminal experience you deserve, but to have it under crushingly powerful SSH protection. (AnimeMUCK recently upgraded to a server version that supports SSH; if you wish to use it to connect, you can find the info with us.)

  • QVT/Net - QVT/Term is Tux's personal choice of terminal software. It handles SSH connections and provides a simple, yet very configurable telnet experience. If you try the full QVT/Net package instead of just downloading the terminal software, then you'll also get an FTP client, a Usenet newsreader, a mail client *and* an SMTP server.