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General Rules
Common Courtesy
  1. Role Playing (RP) MUST be advertised. Please do not go into a room and grab people out of nowhere and state they are part of an RP session they had not agreed to do. All people within the room must KNOW what is going on to avoid unneccessary conflicts between people over what was supposed to be some fun roleplaying.

  2. Foul Language - This will not be tolerated when used on people who find this offensive. In the past, some methods of communication were forced to be shut down (like anonymous spoofing) because people were run out of places because of the excessive use of foul language and innuendo towards them. While it is fun to use it for some people, and people will claim First Amendment rights about this, being US citizens... Let us point out that the First Amendment is there to a POINT. It guarantees not just *your* rights, but the rights of others. If your rights conflict firmly with the majority, your rights have no say in the matter.

  3. Spamming - Please do not intentionally spam people with annoying messages or repetitive junk. It shows that you are immature or not being considerate of others. Some areas will be spammy, so please do not add to it by adding in repetitive lines that have nothing to do with anyone there. It is not fair for them and it definitely does not make you look favorable to others. Use links, or the URL command, if you simply *have* to show off great works like 'The Eye of Argon'

  4. Teleporting - It is REQUIRED that you ask permission to teleport into another person's location. It is impolite and also very annoying to have someone teleport unannounced and unwelcomed into a location. If it is a group consensus that your presence is not wanted in a room, please leave. Not all rooms are public and not all rooms on the 'find' are consiered public. The only exception to this courtesy is a room that has '(PUBLIC)' written on it.

  5. Items - We ask that you don't go around picking up items you think are neat and walk off with them. While they should have been locked so they could not be picked up, it is not polite nor acceptable to take things that are not yours.

  6. Complaints - We ask that before you run to other people about your problems on AnimeMUCK, that you first try to mediate it out between each other. If you are unable to do that, ask a Wizard to mediate for you. Too many people have tried to start unnecessary wars on here by running to other people and telling only one side of the problem and then starting more problems which we wizards finally get told about once they hit critical mass. Crusades and wars about who did what and vendettas are not needed here.

  7. Please consider that this place is for EVERYONE, not just you. These people are here for their enjoyment and are not here to make you feel good by whatever means you deem necessary to make you happy. If you want to enjoy this place, you must cooperate with the people here and I am sure they will be willing to help you enjoy your time here and enjoy your company as well.

  8. THIS IS NOT YOUR PERSONAL PLAYGROUND. The wizards are generally understanding, but if you are a problem child will have no problem with ruthlessly squashing you like a bug. (How's that for courteous?) We only ask people to be considerate for others around them, because they came here on their own free will and we would like them to stay.