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Building Policy
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  1. Please don't create multiple rooms, exits or objects that you or the public are not going to use. Personal items are allowed, but be aware that you are on a Builder's quota that, while flexible, will not be raised unless you are working on a large project.

  2. Please @desc(ribe) all rooms that you make, and provide proper messages for the exits leading in and out of them, so that people are properly notified about their movement. Generally @succ (You leave...), @osucc (Tux leaves...), and @odrop (Tux arrives...) messages on exits are enough for people to avoid getting too lost.

  3. Please don't make any useless objects to get a specific number. We want to be able to keep this MUCK going without becoming too bloated to support it.

  4. This only applies to the users who currently do not have a B-bit (Builder's Bit):
    If you do not have a B-Bit, you may ask a wizard for one. However, please consider that the MUCK is currently quite large, and a lot of space on it goes unused. In such an environment, is making more empty areas truly necessary? Of course, this is not meant to discourage you from making your own objects or personal areas--but it is meant to get you to think about how to go about doing so. People with B-bits may be willing to give you objects or rooms by changing ownership to you, so that you do not actually need a B-bit to try building out.

  5. Don't forget--AnimeMUCK has many, many people and resources to help you with your MUCK building questions, be it for rooms, objects, exits, or programs. Feel free to ask questions of our HelpStaff (or anyone who seems inclined to answer.)

Thanks for your cooperation.